Fresh, funny and poignant, Alice Wu’s new film is both a touching coming-of-age story and a lighthearted romantic comedy. Leah Lewis plays a quiet, smart, Asian American high school student living in a small town in the Pacific Northwest. Her everyday consists of biking to school while ignoring her peers’ jeering, writing English papers for pay for her slacker classmates, and eating dinner in front of the television while watching old movies with her father. This routine is upended when a shy football player (Daniel Diemer) asks her not to write a school paper but a love letter, directed at the most beautiful girl in school (Alexxis Lemire). Begrudgingly, she agrees, and as letters are penned, a love triangle unfolds. At once sparklingly witty and tender, Wu delivers a moving portrait of sexual identity, friendship, and family, showing the audience a generous array of all the forms love can take.