Nightmare monger Chan-wook Park (Oldboy, Lady Vengeance) skillfully transplants the Sarah Waters novel Fingersmith, about Victorian grifters preying on the aristocracy, to his native South Korea during the Japanese occupation. A crafty young pickpocket (Tae-ri Kim) is recruited by a bogus count (Jung-woo Ha) to become handmaiden to a wealthy heiress (Min-hee Kim) whom he wants to marry and commit to an asylum; the plan goes astray when, unbeknownst to him, mistress and servant wind up rolling around naked in silken sheets. Park seizes on the story’s potent combination of larceny and taboo sexuality, and his steamy love scenes are enhanced by Seong-hie Ryu’s sumptuous set decor. But as usual with Park, it’s all fun and games until someone starts getting his fingers chopped off. In Korean and Japanese with subtitles.