It’s hard to see how the Spielberg aesthetic could sink much lower than this sad effort, a feeble assortment of suburban brats, blunt Freudianisms, and supernatural themes masking primitive power fantasies. Killed while anachronistically reenacting the chickie run from Rebel Without a Cause, 60s cool guy Lewis Smith is returned to earth to act as a guardian angel to an insecure Fort Lauderdale teenager; he gets him laid, he gets him drunk, but in the end he teaches him some solid moral precepts. Director Cary Medoway uses backlighting and spatially distorting lenses to give the film the hyped-up look of a rock video, but his handling of actors is so inept that he must rely on the rock score to make the most basic emotional points. With Jane Kaczmarek, Jason Gedrick, and Richard Mulligan.