A young artist in New York City (John Krasinski) returns to his midwestern hometown to reconnect with his spirited mother (Margo Martindale), who faces brain surgery to remove a tumor; his hapless father (Richard Jenkins), whose small business is going under; and his fathead brother (Sharlto Copley), who’s causing problems for his ex-wife. Krasinski, a longtime player on NBC’s The Office, directed a script by James C. Strouse (Grace Is Gone) and stages its good-hearted story like a sitcom: the average-Joe protagonist spends a lot of time reacting to his family members’ wackiness and greets every new plot complication with a big “Wait—what?” Jenkins and Martindale, both old hands at this sort of “dramedy” material, come through for Krasinski as the story darkens in the second half, and there’s an unexpectedly strong performance from pop musician Josh Groban as a youth pastor whose decency sweetens the contentious mood. With Anna Kendrick, Randall Park, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.