Steve McQueen, in his last film (1980), approaches middle age stealthily, under heavy cover of cuteness. He plays a modern-day bounty hunter who, between jobs for bail bondsmen, collects old toys, hosts poker games for ex-cons, and avoids going to his girlfriend’s Lamaze classes. The big joke is that he can’t drive. The picture isn’t bad, really—it’s just a little too soft and eager to please, like the family films (circus pictures and suchlike) that John Wayne made in the 60s to soften his image. Every once in a while director Buzz Kulik sheds the low-key sitcom style to toss off an action sequence, and these little vignettes have a dissociated, arbitrary quality, as if they were on loan from an older, tougher McQueen film. With Eli Wallach, Kathryn Harrold, and LeVar Burton.