Ti West made his name with The House of the Devil (2009), a 70s-style shocker about a college student hired to mind a spooky old house, then picked up a sequel assignment for Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever, which he later disowned. Now he’s back to his own shtick with this passably creepy chiller about two young people (goofy Pat Healy and cute Sara Paxton) minding a spooky old historic New England hotel the last weekend before it closes. The place offers West plenty of odd, creaky spaces to inspect as the innkeepers’ project of capturing ghostly events on video (a joking reference to the Paranormal Activity franchise) begins to bear fruit. The House of the Devil benefited from the presence of trash-cinema icon Mary Woronov; this time West hauls Kelly McGillis (Top Gun) out of the mothballs to play an alcoholic former sitcom actress who now makes her living as a spiritualist.