A French doctor for the Red Cross (Lou de Laâge), serving in Poland after its liberation from the Nazis, delivers a baby to an unwed mother at a nearby convent and soon learns that the mother is a nun who was raped by Russian soldiers; worse yet, six more nuns have been similarly impregnated. Based on a true story (which was even more horrible), this French-Polish drama clicks along nicely as director Anne Fontaine (Coco Before Chanel) investigates the tense, complicated relations between the French, Poles, and Soviets. It begins to bog down, though, as spiritual concerns take over the narrative. Fontaine has said that she went on two Benedictine retreats while preparing for the movie, but it takes a secular and faintly condescending view of the nuns, portrayed as ignorant victims of shame and misguided religiosity. In French with subtitles.