This Danish drama by Kristian Levring, much like his 2000 feature The King Is Alive, pits civilized people against hostile nature and each other. An inexperienced young surveyor in 1920s Malaysia (J.J. Feild) and his older fiancee (Janet McTeer, who cowrote the script with Levring) arrive at an ivory-trading station in the jungle and tangle with an imperious company representative (Brenda Fricker). Her wastrel son (Tony Maudsley) develops an unsavory obsession with McTeer, and relationships decay rapidly in all that humidity. Levring, a former member of the Dogma 95 collective, uses murky digital video to make the outpost look like an impenetrable brown-green smear, and the players tend to mumble. Joseph Conrad meets D.H. Lawrence, with a little Herzog thrown in—an exhausting brew, but well acted. 109 min.