I’m usually too impatient to read mystery novels—inevitably I find myself fighting the impulse to thumb ahead and satiate my curiosity—but mystery in cinema assuages my occasional urge to ask “Whodunit?” This 2018 film by Italian director Stefano Mordini (based on a Spanish film by Oriol Paulo from two years prior) isn’t anything to write home about, but it sure is fun to watch; if anything, its relative artlessness underscores the gratifying, though somewhat unwieldy, plot. After a tech entrepreneur (Riccardo Scamarcio) wakes up in a hotel room to find his mistress (Miriam Leone) murdered, authorities are quick to accuse him of killing her. Insistent that he’s been framed, a revered lawyer (Maria Paiato) comes in to help suss out the entrepreneur’s story, which soon involves an unfortunate car accident and an unlikely revenge scheme. The best parts occur when you think you’ve clinched the plot, only to have it go one—or two or three—steps further. The overserious giallo vibes add to the fun; it takes itself seriously so you don’t have to. In Italian with subtitles.