As in “keeping up with.” When the title characters move into a gated community, they appear to be a spectacularly chic and charming nuclear family (mom Demi Moore, dad David Duchovny, sister Amber Heard, brother Ben Hollingsworth). In fact, they’re a team of marketers secretly dispatched by a cutting-edge firm to show off new products to their envy-ridden neighbors. The premise of this social satire is so enjoyable you keep trying to believe it even though it makes no sense: for the cost of maintaining this crew in their swank home, you could buy advertising that would reach exponentially more people. Writer-director Derrick Borte brings a heavy hand to the comedy and an even heavier one to the drama, as Duchovny suffers an attack of conscience and an unfortunate love for his make-believe wife. With Gary Cole, Glenne Headly, and Lauren Hutton as the team’s hardhearted boss.