By turns harrowing and appealing, Dustin Lance Black’s digital-video feature follows Jared, a clean-cut, courteous young man, as he arrives in Hollywood from his native Georgia. At a hostel he hooks up with another young transient who kindles his homosexuality, and working for a rich, blind matron he’s seduced by her sleek, libidinous son, who then invites him into a threesome with his boyfriend. Black’s script has elements of soap opera, but he doesn’t boldface them, and rather than make an issue of homosexuality he allows his characters to anguish over their hopes, unfaithfulness, and bad decisions. Corey Spears is sweet and forthright as Jared (though Black never explains why he would forsake his hometown for Hollywood, of all places). Given the low budget and six-day shooting schedule, video was a necessity, but it also lends the story a powerful intimacy and intrusiveness: we’re privy to Jared’s tentative first kisses as well as the sights he records with his own camcorder. 90 min.