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The first movie I remember seeing as a child was Disney’s The Jungle Book (1967), so for me watching this quick-buck sequel was about as pleasant as having my wisdom teeth pulled. On the other hand, the original—the last animated feature produced by Uncle Walt himself—ranks pretty low among the Disney classics, which didn’t bother me at the time. Which is to say, you might find this enchanting if you’ve never seen another movie. The perfunctory script has Mowgli the Man Cub tiring of village life and returning to the jungle, where he’s reunited with his old pal Baloo the Bear and stalked by his old nemesis Shere Khan the Tiger. John Goodman is perfectly cast as the voice of Baloo, though no one can replace George Sanders as the elegant Shere Khan. The running time is mercifully brief, but if you leave a bit early you can avoid hearing “I Wan’na Be Like You,” the Louis Prima showstopper from the original, defiled by the rock band Smash Mouth as the credits roll. 72 min.