The Kissing Booth 2 retains the ludicrous energy of its predecessor. To recap, the first film follows late-bloomer Elle (Joey King) and her best friend Lee (Joel Courtney) during their junior year. Things are going okay until Noah (Jacob Elordi), Lee’s older bad-boy brother and Elle’s secret crush, threatens to ruin everything. Predictably, Elle and Noah get together, and Elle and Lee remain besties, all aided by the titular kissing booth. The sequel employs another calculable script filled with fantastical beats. While Elle and Lee stay in California to finish high school, Noah leaves to attend Harvard, leaving Elle scrambling to apply to east coast colleges and earn the tuition money to attend. This conundrum spurs the film’s highlight, a Dance Dance Revolution competition with a huge cash prize, which sees Elle coupled with a handsome new student. Viewers will guess the outcome well before the more than two-hour movie wraps, but it’s still amusing to watch King and Elordi navigate these juvenile diary entries of a franchise (we smell a trilogy) as their careers positively blossom elsewhere.