Because of the severity and significance of COVID-19—and the growing accessibility of camera phones and social media—it’s safe to say that this moment in time will be documented in a way that no other event has been before. Using a mix of cell phone footage, photos, and talking head interviews, Hannah Olson’s bite-sized documentary provides personal, first-hand accounts of the COVID-19 outbreak on the Diamond Princess cruise ship. For the first time, people are able to see the ins and outs of what really happened on the Diamond Princess, how people reacted on and off the ship, and just how little we knew about COVID-19 in those early weeks. The Last Cruise is most crucial, though, when it focuses on the perspectives from the staff, who are often underpaid and almost exclusively people of color. Unlike many of the passengers who get considerable airtime, they don’t have the luxury of quarantining in suites or being rescued from the ship. Intentionally or not, The Last Cruise fulfills a prophecy that we continue to learn throughout the pandemic: that the people who are most vulnerable will often be the last ones to get help.