I saw a thread on Twitter recently about how some actresses have faces that, for some reason, do not look realistic for a period drama—saying Jessica Biel has a face that knows about text messaging. The Last Letter from Your Lover might make you wonder if Shailene Woodley suffers from the same condition. Netflix’s new romance casts Woodley as a 1960s woman involved in a secret affair with a journalist (Callum Turner) whom she meets when he writes a profile on her husband. Woodley is a talented actress, but something with the role just doesn’t suit her: her delivery feels half-baked and her character’s accent shifts inexplicably. Granted—she doesn’t have a ton to work with; the script is simple and predictable. There’s also a larger plot going on where Felicity Jones plays a journalist who finds letters that the couple wrote to each other and tries to reunite them, but this premise has been used so many times that this iteration doesn’t stand out much. The Last Letter from Your Lover may suffice for a cheesy girls night in, but it won’t be a memorable entry to the genre.