In this latest Jean-Claude Van Damme vehicle, a rowdy and rag-tag ensemble cast rounds out an enjoyable action-comedy. When an infamous secret agent, Richard Brumère/The Mist (Jean-Claude Van Damme), learns that his estranged son has been falsely accused of arms trafficking, he returns to France to rescue him but learns that fatherhood may be his toughest mission. Trying to prevent the sale of a devastating weapon while saving his son, Brumère is forced to choose between the country he serves and a son he barely knows.

Written and directed by David Charhon, The Last Mercenary is a decent romp despite issues with pacing. While the script loses momentum, the action sequences largely make up for it, and there’s always a quip or absurdly comedic situation just around the corner. For his part, Van Damme has progressed into middle-aged action star relatively gracefully, and while always being known more for his splits than his acting, finds a nice little niche in the comedic script. The set pieces are engaging—a special shout-out to one half-naked scooter scramble—and when combined with some of the more ridiculous schemes our band of heroes put together in order to unravel the plot, The Last Mercenary hits its most entertaining notes.