The Last Suit

In this touching feature from writer-director Pablo Solarz, an 88-year-old Jewish tailor and Holocaust survivor, having lived in Buenos Aires since 1945, foils his adult daughters’ plan to dump him in a nursing home by taking a one-way trip to his native Poland to find an old friend. Passing through Spain and Germany, the sharply dressed senior encounters several people who challenge his cantankerousness and help him come to terms with his painful past, which resurfaces in a handful of well-placed and evocative flashbacks. The wonderful Spanish actress Ángela Molina doesn’t get nearly enough screen time as a saucy hotelier in Madrid whom the man befriends on his journey, but Argentine actor Miguel Ángel Solá is convincing as the haunted protagonist, based in part on Solarz’s grandfather. In Spanish, Yiddish, German, and Polish with subtitles.