Shirley MacLaine stars as a wealthy old curmudgeon who leverages her ownership stake in the local newspaper to supervise her own obituary, researched and written by cub reporter Amanda Seyfried. The younger woman’s exasperation and resentment turn to grudging admiration and finally love as she learns what the older one endured as a female business executive a half century earlier; once they latch onto a potty-mouthed black girl from the projects (whom the MacLaine character befriends in search of a human-interest angle), we’re in for some serious girl power. Paul Weitz’s Grandma (2015), with Lily Tomlin, is the clear reference point here, though director Mark Pellington and first-time screenwriter Stuart Ross Fink lack Weitz’s sense of taboo-busting mischief, opting instead for the more mundane strategy of unearthing hidden heartache. With Anne Heche, Joel Murray, and Philip Baker Hall.