The Lie is a tense family affair from start to finish. While struggling to coparent their teenage daughter Kayla (Joey King) successfully, aging rocker Jay (Peter Sarsgaard) and corporate lawyer Rebecca (Mireille Enos) hit a unique snag. It seems that Kayla has some homicidal tendencies, which force the family into a web of lies and deceit as they attempt to avoid the consequences of her bad behavior by exhibiting some of their own. Part The Bad Seed and part The Parent Trap, the actors do too good a job endearing themselves to viewers to be dismissed as unlikable. Relying on tight shots of tension throughout, The Lie creates palpable anxiety as the family tests the limits of unconditional love, their not-so-good intentions creating a constant threat that viewers will start to feel themselves. Will Jay and Rebecca’s love for Kayla survive a lie this large? Watch to find out.