The Long Night of Francisco Sanctis

Set during the early years of the Pinochet regime, this plodding Argentine drama focuses on a meek white-collar worker, Francisco (Diego Velázquez), who’s unexpectedly thrust into a dangerous dilemma when an old friend importunes him to save the lives of two political dissidents. As an impetuous young man, Francisco wrote a stirring revolutionary poem that inspired the left, but this doesn’t quite explain his willingness to risk his life and his family’s security to alert two strangers of their imminent “disappearance” by the military. Directors Francisco Márquez and Andrea Testa, adapting a novel by Humberto Constantini, follow their protagonist around as he searches for a solution that will safely relieve him of any moral responsibility; as darkness falls, and one begins to wonder if he isn’t too late already, he inches closer to an act of courage. It’s a long night all right, though it may have been longer for me than for him. In Spanish with subtitles.