Based on the nonfiction book by David Grann, this gripping historical epic chronicles the years-long quest of English explorer Percy Fawcett (played with clear-eyed determination by Charlie Hunnam) to find a fabled Amazonian city whose early innovations may have put the British Empire to shame. Fawcett first traveled to South America as a British army officer in 1906, and his crusade to track down the lost city of Zed, as he called it, was interrupted by the trench warfare of World War I; he and his grown son returned to the jungle as private adventurers in 1925 but were never heard from again. Writer-director James Gray (Two Lovers, The Immigrant) stages all this with an impressive sense of narrative scale, presenting a series of physical conflicts between the explorers and the indigenous peoples they encounter even as he tracks the ongoing ideological conflict between Fawcett and the cultural chauvinists calling the shots back home. With Robert Pattinson, Sienna Miller, Angus Macfadyen, and Tom Holland.