The Mafia Kills Only in Summer

This satirical comedy marks the directorial debut of Italian TV comic Pierfrancesco Diliberto (popularly known as Pif), the host of a Daily Show-like series that delivers humorous commentary on current events. The film addresses the Mafia’s influence over political life in Sicily, as well as the assassinations of judges and politicians who tried to check their power. This is noble in its intentions, yet dreadful in its execution. The humor, overstated and indifferently staged, suggests Mel Brooks at his worst, and the actors’ constant mugging grows tiresome fast. The story begins in the early 80s, as a grade-school boy in Palermo, hoping to impress a female classmate, becomes assistant to a reporter investigating government corruption; Diliberto plays the boy as an adult, a socially graceless nebbish trying to break into TV news. In Italian with subtitles.