This charming documentary by journalist and playwright Frank Shouldice profiles Bobby Coote, an octogenarian bachelor who lives on his family’s century-and-a-half-old farm near Bailieborough in County Cavan, Ireland, with his brother Ernie; together they spend seemingly idyllic days steeped in their respective interests. In addition to being an aspiring aviator, Bobby fixes clocks, makes violins, and plays music of his own. Ernie, on the other hand, enjoys tinkering with his ham radio, fishing, and watching spaghetti westerns in the quiet of his home. Bobby’s desire to fly leads him to buy a small plane, contract the necessary repairs for it, start taking lessons, and, finally—with the help of his family and friends—take flight. There’s not much that sets the film apart from other nonfiction portraits of eccentrics, but it’s heartwarming nonetheless.