Professional assassin Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) just wants to enjoy retirement on his houseboat in Rio, but he’s too damn good at killing for the world to let him be. In this sequel to the 2011 thriller (itself a remake of a 1972 film starring Charles Bronson), Bishop is forced back into action when the world’s most nefarious arms dealer (Sam Hazeldine) holds hostage a damsel in distress (Jessica Alba) in hope of getting Bishop to do his bidding. Between the slaughter set pieces there’s some beautiful aerial cinematography of Brazil, Bulgaria, Thailand, and Malaysia; in fact a nimble editor could probably recut this into a lush travelogue. Digital photography, with its limited ability to capture rapid movement, renders the close combat choppy and disorienting, and none of the kills is especially memorable. But director Dennis Gansel never bites off more than he can chew. With Tommy Lee Jones and Michelle Yeoh.