The Miracle Season

You want emotion? See if you can handle this inspirational sports drama, whose every scene is calculated to make young hearts explode. It’s based on the story of Caroline Found, captain of the women’s volleyball team at Iowa City West High School, whose August 2011 death in a moped accident inspired her teammates to win the state finals that year (for the second season in a row, but take your miracles where you find them). Winning one for the Gipper is a long tradition in movies like these, but watching the process stretch out over an entire season can be a strain, partly because Found (Danika Yarosh) is never established onscreen as much more than a sweet girl and a fierce competitor. Sean McNamara (Raise Your Voice) directed; with William Hurt in a measured performance as Found’s grieving father and Helen Hunt in the thankless role of the team’s leathery, poker-faced coach.