A young husband and father (Romain Duris), traumatized by the death of his wife (Isild Le Besco), starts wearing her clothes and perfume to calm their screaming baby daughter and soon rediscovers a latent interest in cross-dressing. Much of this slack French drama unfolds from the perspective of the late wife’s best friend (Anaïs Demoustier), who becomes the husband’s unlikely confidante and booster; writer-director Francois Ozon uses her as an audience surrogate, coaxing us along toward his piously progressive view of transvestism. Duris in drag looks like a refugee from the New York Dolls, but his character aspires to nothing more than life as a bourgeois, pearl-clad mom—the final shot shows him collecting his now-school-age daughter from class, which proves there’s no sexual kink that can’t be safely domesticated. In French with subtitles.