This comedy noir by Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) opens with a spectacular—and spectacularly tasteless—sequence in which a boy admires the centerfold model in a porn magazine just before a car crashes straight through his house and expels the body of the very model he’s been ogling, which comes to rest in the same boob-baring pose. Her death sets off a convoluted mystery, with Ryan Gosling as a fly-by-night private eye, Russell Crowe as his low-rent muscle, and Angourie Rice as the detective’s teenage daughter, who adds a wholesome note by urging the Crowe character to stop strangling bad guys to death. Because this is set in Los Angeles in the 1970s, we’re supposed to think back to Chinatown and The Long Goodbye and excuse the opaque plot, around which Black’s eccentric gags float like seasoned croutons in bland soup. With Kim Basinger.