The Night House

The Night House is a compelling meditation on the horror of one’s own mind. In the aftermath of her husband Owen’s (Evan Jonigkeit) death, Beth (Rebecca Hall) finds herself alone in the lakeside home he built for them. The suicide she never suspected leaves her looking for answers about the man she thought she knew best. A barrage of nightmares that come in the form of bad dreams and even worse discoveries creates layer upon layer of terror. The film’s strength undoubtedly comes from Hall’s performance, which is a cross between her work in Tumbledown and Christine, making for a widow with one wicked sense of humor. As the mystery of her husband consumes her, the music plays a spooky support, capable of eliciting goosebumps as viewers follow her journey. The final destination does offer some answers, but it also demands a choice. Watch and see which ones Beth makes. R, 110 min.

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