The Only Living Boy in New York

A whip-smart college grad in Manhattan (Callum Turner) discovers that his father (Pierce Brosnan) is cheating on his mentally ill mother (Cynthia Nixon) with a younger woman (Kate Beckinsale); the son trails and eventually confronts the mistress, but she turns the tables by calling out his own sexual attraction to her. Marc Webb (Gifted), directing a dust-covered “Black List” screenplay by Allan Loeb, acknowledges the story’s debt to The Graduate by adding Simon and Garfunkel tunes to the soundtrack. Yet the movie is more reminiscent of a Philip Roth novel in its presentation of the young hero as a superior moral intelligence (whose fallibility must be painfully exposed) and in the secret friendship he forges with a boozy, philosophical novelist (Jeff Bridges), who also serves as the omniscient narrator. Brosnan is especially good: he’s been chasing critical respect ever since he signed off as James Bond, and no one could fault his anguished performance here as a loving father both caught and cuckolded by his own son.