In this locally made romantic comedy, newly divorced George Krikkos tries to rekindle a relationship with an old flame, now a celebrated opera diva, who’s in town for a short engagement. This is the first feature-length film by TV-commercial directors Ron Lazzeretti and Venturino Liberatore, and they’ve wrapped a slick package around a rather flimsy plot padded with Hallmark moments. The complications are familiar (he’s an underachiever, she has a boyfriend who isn’t right for her), as are many of the self-deprecatory one-liners. George helps run the family produce business while he’s sorting through romantic entanglements. Second City alum Tom Bastounes (who also gets story and executive producer credits) is endearingly gawky in the lead, but he’s no match for Monica Zaffarano, who’s poised and seductive as the singer—although together they exude a nice bonhomie. Another plus is Gary Katz’s bright cinematography, which suffuses even the tourist traps with a romantic glow. With Melanie Deanne Moore (as George’s needy girlfriend) and Megan Moore Burns (underused as the ex-wife). 93 min.