The award-winning short on this program, the Disney-produced Paperman, is a clever mix of hand-drawn and computer animation that’s most striking for its photorealist images of 1950s Manhattan. Director John Kahrs previously worked as an animator for Pixar, and one can feel its influence in the silent-movie-style storytelling, detailed backgrounds, and moments of genuine sadness. More impressive, however, is Minkyu Lee’s Adam and Dog, a retelling of the Garden of Eden story from the perspective of the world’s first canine. Lee has cited Andrei Tarkovsky and Terrence Malick as influences, and this feels remarkably similar to their work in its earnest, spiritual tone. Rounding out the program are Head Over Heels, a British puppet animation about a husband who lives upside-down and a wife who lives right side up; Fresh Guacamole, a brief stop-motion cartoon featuring some witty visual puns; and an uninspired Simpsons spin-off called The Longest Daycare.