The Other Woman

Nine to Five (1980) pioneered the feminist revenge comedy with its tale of three secretaries conspiring to punish their obnoxious boss; The First Wives’ Club (1996) recycled the idea with three divorcees banding together against their ex-husbands. Now first-time screenwriter Melissa Stack gives it another go with this anemic effort: a glamorous attorney (Cameron Diaz) discovers that the man she’s been dating is married, and though she breaks it off, his daffy wife (Leslie Mann) won’t leave her alone. After growing friendly, they learn of his third lover (Kate Upton), a gorgeous bubblehead, and all three decide to get even with him. Mann and Diaz make a pretty funny duo, but in the theater where I saw this, they were both upstaged by the shot of a mastiff shitting on a hardwood floor. Nick Cassavetes directed; with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Don Johnson.