The Overnight

Summer is here, a time for ice cream, beach frolics, and giant dicks bobbing gently in the breeze. This weekend you can take your pick of three randy new sex comedies: Magic Mike XXL, a sequel to Steven Soderbergh’s 2012 hit, brings back Channing Tatum as the title character, a male stripper known for reducing women to jelly with his chiseled physique and killer dance moves. The Overnight, the latest indie project from sibling producers Jay and Mark Duplass, is sort of a “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Kink?” in which two young couples get together for dinner and sexual boundaries are crossed as the night stretches on. But the real gem here is The Little Death, a fine debut feature by Australian writer-director Josh Lawson in which five young couples wrestle with their perverse impulses. Weirdly, the movies’ marketing and distribution parallel their respective attitudes toward sex—the farther each is from the American mainstream, the more private and distinctive its sex. Continue reading >>