The Pale Door is a raucous ride through a different type of wild west. Following the Dalton gang, after a train robbery goes poorly, the men are forced to find shelter in what they believe is a ghost town. To their surprise, they stumble upon a welcoming brothel. The film pivots from western to horror quickly when the men discover that the beautiful women are a coven of witches with plans more sinister than sexy. Maria (Melora Walters) leads the witches, who are gnarled, mostly bald, and badly burnt—and thirst for revenge. They are relentless in their quest to defeat the outlaws, spurring a battle between good and evil that rages full speed for the film’s remainder. However, the question galloping alongside the plot is who precisely is on which side. Each reveal brings viewers closer to the horrific truth, that is, if they can keep their eyes open through the carnage.