In this sequel to The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema (2006), Slovene critic Slavoj Zizek looks at how movies convey ideology to the masses, and though his lecture exceeds two hours, he and director Sophie Fiennes incorporate enough deadpan comedy and clips from famous films to sustain the rhetoric. A clip from John Carpenter’s They Live (1988) shows two characters next to an alley dumpster, one declaring, “I’m gonna make you eat that trashcan!” In the next shot, matched perfectly to the clip, Zizek declares, “I already am eating from the trashcan all the time. The name of this trashcan is ideology. The material force of ideology makes me not see what I’m effectively eating.” Later Zizek lies in Travis Bickle’s ratty bed, explaining how Taxi Driver communicates the American anger toward Vietnam, and sits in a marine corps lavatory in his undershirt, arguing that Full Metal Jacket inspired the Abu Ghraib torture photographs. His thoughts on fascism stretch from Triumph of the Will to The Dark Knight, whose “myth of a foundational lie” conditions us to believe our leaders protect us from a truth too terrible to behold.