The Pink Egg

Animator Jim Trainor makes his live-action feature debut with this macabre disquisition on insect hunting and mating rituals. Actors in unitards portray various arthropods, from honeybees to spiders and wasps, but there’s no dialogue or narration, so it’s hard to differentiate the bugs and harder still to figure out what they’re doing. Props give some clues: mimosas and Sugar Pops stand in for nectar and pollen, while jars of white moisturizer represent sperm deposits. The title refers to one species placing its eggs in the nest of another, so the guest larvae can munch on their bedfellows. Trainor conveyed animal freakishness more effectively in his short animation The Bats(1999), a hilariously graphic parody of nature documentaries. Here he casts himself as a dung-eating beetle, but you won’t get the joke unless you last through the credits.