Laughable psychodrama about a brooding deaf-mute teen (Camilla Belle of The Ballad of Jack and Rose) who’s been adopted by her dysfunctional godparents (Martin Donovan, Edie Falco) and their cruel adolescent daughter (Elisha Cuthbert). Mom is whacked out on prescription drugs, dad is boffing his little girl, and the daughter is green with jealousy when she learns that the hot boy at school covets her adoptive sister. With its pathetic characters, questionable logic, and wall-to-wall Beethoven, the movie is a serious contender for this year’s Golden Turkey award; with its scene of a thick-tongued Falco stumbling around in the buff, it’s also a shoo-in for Most Embarrassing Big-Screen Outing by a Sopranos Veteran (edging out Michael Imperioli’s My Baby’s Daddy and James Gandolfini’s Surviving Christmas). Jamie Babbit directed. R, 92 min.