A German teenager (David Kross) enjoys a steamy affair with a woman in her 30s (Kate Winslet) and discovers years later that during World War II she served as an SS guard at Auschwitz. Adapted from the novel by Bernhard Schlink, this Holocaust drama never rises above the norm in exploring the evil of the camps. But surrounding this central morality play is a more modestly scaled and emotionally persuasive story about a young man in love with a much older woman. Their bond endures into the late 80s, when he’s middle-aged (and played by Ralph Fiennes) and she’s elderly; by that time, their relationship has undergone a painful role reversal, and the controlling, self-assured woman is the one who needs looking after. Stephen Daldry (The Hours) directed; with Bruno Ganz and Lena Olin, devastating as a concentration camp survivor who counsels an anguished Fiennes.