Responding to a recent survey that found roughly half of Russia’s population to consider Joseph Stalin their favorite historical figure, director Jessica Gorter set out to investigate the country’s relationship to its legacy of authoritarianism. The resulting documentary contains profiles of a range of individuals, including people who lost family members to Stalin’s purges and young adults at a summer getaway celebrating Vladimir Putin. Gorter suggests that Putin’s strong grip on the public mind has a lot to do with Stalin’s surge in popularity in the 21st century, though she makes this point with commendable subtlety—never does the film devolve into Michael Moore-style grandstanding. Some of the sequences, particularly those in which Gorter visits mass graves near former gulag sites, are chilling, but generally this reflects an air of ambivalence. The most revealing moment may be when a high school student admits he has a hard time hating Stalin because his town was built by men Stalin imprisoned. In Russian with subtitles.