The Rendez-vous of Deja Vu

Like Brian De Palma’s early features Greetings (1968) and Hi, Mom! (1970), this low-budget French comedy is a freewheeling mix of left-wing political satire, adolescent sex humor, and movie send-ups, with a heavy emphasis on the latter. If you aren’t film literate, you’re likely to miss about half the jokes, but film buffs may find this hysterical. The shaggy dog story involves a group of twentysomethings on a road trip from Paris to southern France, where they intend to enjoy their summer vacation—that is, if the government decides not to cancel summer as an austerity measure. Vincent Macaigne is especially funny as a wisecracking phony doctor modeled on Groucho Marx, though all the players seem to be enjoying themselves. Antonin Peretjatko directed. In French with subtitles.