Koji Suzuki’s 1989 horror novel Ringu, about a haunted videotape that kills viewers seven days after they watch it, has spawned four Japanese features (including Hideo Nakata’s international hit Ringu), an American version (Gore Verbinski’s The Ring), and now this sequel, directed by Nakata in his Hollywood debut. After the opening scene screenwriter Ehren Kruger bravely but unwisely retires the videotape gimmick, focusing instead on the intrepid Seattle reporter (Naomi Watts) who unraveled the mystery behind the tape in the first movie. She and her eerily beatific son (David Dorfman) have relocated to an Oregon logging community, where the ghost from the video infiltrates their dreams. Kruger’s elaborations on the original mystery are superfluous, but Watts gives this everything she’s got, and there’s a bizarre but jolting set piece in which the reporter and her son are attacked on the road by berserk deer. PG-13, 111 min.