Janie Geiser is best known for her work in puppet theater, but instead of presenting puppets on-screen, her superb animated films use cinematic devices to convey the mysterious charm of figurines, cutouts, dollhouse rooms, and shadows. Immer Zu (1997) centers on the discovery of a punched tape whose coded, glyphlike symbols suggest that the film’s images have a secret and ultimately indecipherable meaning. Lost Motion (1999) is Geiser’s most gorgeous and compelling film to date, a drama of missed connections in which figurines move through lushly colored locales, the entire frame filled with patterns like those made by moving shadows. Also on the program: Vapor Drama (2004), Terrace 49 (2004), Ultimata Thule (2002), The Fourth Watch (2000), Spiral Vessel (2000), and The Secret Story (1996). 70 min.