Nicely paced but rotely characterized, this 2010 German mystery opens with a preteen girl being tackled in a wheat field, raped, and strangled to death by a long-haired weirdo (Ulrich Thomsen); the murder, which takes place in 1986, is never solved, and 23 years later an identical one is committed in the same field, traumatizing not only the mother of the first girl but a retired police detective who still agonizes over the case and an accomplice of the original killer. Gray and grim in the style of the Swedish “Millennium Trilogy” movies, this trades in too many archetypes, including an eccentric police investigator assigned to the new case; its thematic ambitions become apparent only at the very end. Baran bo Odar directed his own script, adapting a novel by Jan Costin Wagner; with Katrin Sass. In German with subtitles.