Drenched in a dreamlike quality, The Sinners lures viewers into a dark and deadly world where writer-director Courtney Paige’s influences from Scream to Jawbreaker bleed through brilliantly. Part teen thriller and part police procedural, the movie follows seven girls who belong to a cultish clique called The Sins. The prideful Aubrey (Brenna Llewellyn) narrates, while the lustful Grace Carver (Kaitlyn Bernard) leads the greedy Katie Hamilton (Keilani Elizabeth Rose), the envious Stacey Rodgers (Jasmine Randhawa), the wrathful Tori Davidson (Brenna Coates), the gluttonous Molly McIvor (Carly Fawcett), and the slothful Robyn Pearce (Natalie Malaika). Together, the girls complete and often commit the capital vices of Christianity. Struggling with their faith and fighting for their life when they become the targets of an unknown killer, the movie pushes past the standard dead girl narrative to provide a nuanced look at the teenage experience as each actor imbues their character with authenticity.