The Snowman

An international cast and crew contributed to this mystery thriller, two hours of uninterrupted, snow-caked boredom in which a Norwegian detective (Michael Fassbender) tracks a serial killer who likes to chop up his female victims with a motor-driven, wire-looped amputation tool. Director Tomas Alfredson, best known for the Swedish vampire classic Let the Right One In (2008), works in drab, desaturated colors that heighten the sense of chill in his cheap, blocky, institutional settings. The actors come from all over the place (Fassbender from Ireland, Charlotte Gainsbourg from France, Rebecca Ferguson from Sweden, Toby Jones from the UK, J.K. Simmons from the U.S.) but play Norwegian characters speaking British-accented English, which is more perplexing than the string of murders. Martin Scorsese was attached as director at one point, and his longtime editor Thelma Schoonmaker helped pull this thing together.