Flavia is perfect, Massimo is perfect, Valeria is perfect too—except for her stalking Massimo, but always reticently and only in the best of taste. Ditto their appointments: the spaces they inhabit or travel to (Turin, Rome, Viterbo, Trieste), what they eat and how they dress, what they do professionally with their lives—Flavia’s a law prof, Valeria a multilingual translator, Massimo a bacterial researcher with strong, nay powerful, ethical commitments. Is there nothing in these perfect, albeit stultifying, lives—aside from Valeria’s tasteful stalking, the occasional twinge for a dead husband, a dearly departed pet—that can send the blood racing, make the soul giddy with horror or delight? Certainly not! Director Paolo Franchi has technique to burn—it’s fascinating to watch these fragile wisps of feelings translated into impeccable rack-focus imagery—but it’s more finishing-school reflex than vision, an eye that imposes rather than reveals. In Italian with subtitles. 98 min.