The influential comic book artist Frank Miller made his directing debut when Robert Rodriguez took him on as a partner for the movie version of Miller’s Sin City; flying solo now, Miller brings that movie’s hyperstylized noir visuals to an adaptation of Will Eisner’s classic superhero comic. With their dramatic angles, reverse silhouettes, bold production design, and eye-catching combinations of desaturated tones and electric spot color, Miller’s comic book movies have redeemed the genre by honoring rather than mitigating the source material’s print-based artificiality. The bifurcation of image and story is even more pronounced here than in Sin City; I couldn’t care less where this was going, but I couldn’t look away either. Someone get this man a decent script. With Gabriel Macht, Eva Mendes, and, in the most entertaining scenes, Samuel L. Jackson and Scarlett Johansson hamming it up as the villainous Octopus and Silken Floss. PG-13, 108 min.