Who says you can’t learn something even from bad movies? This one proves conclusively that Canadian TV movies can be every bit as unbearable as ours. There isn’t a single plausible characterization in this CBC docudrama about a real-life band of radical terrorist bombers who blew apart munitions plants and porno-peddling video stores around the turn of the 80s. It’s told from the point of view of a young confederate (Robyn Stevan) who later felt victimized by the others, but there’s no sense of menace or potential violence. The director, Paul Donovan, made a skillfully executed low-budget science fiction film, Def-Con 4, in 1984, but the acting and staging here are amateurish and overwrought, and the politics of the participants are indecipherable. The politics in Paul Schrader’s recent Patty Hearst are fuzzy, too, but at least the passions behind them felt authentic. In this movie, nothing does.