Some of the best suspense films I’ve seen in recent years have been Australian imports—cheap little items like Wolf Creek and Coffin Rock whose no-name directors have mastered the craft of tightly efficient B movies better than most of their fat-cat counterparts in Hollywood. This 2008 drama by siblings Joel Edgerton (who wrote the story) and Nash Edgerton (who directed) harks back to Double Indemnity and The Postman Always Rings Twice with its story of adulterous lovers (David Roberts and Claire van der Boom) whose plan to steal a suitcase full of loot from the woman’s shifty husband (Anthony Hayes) gradually pulls them into a vortex of deceit and murder. Some have called this neonoir, but aside from the setting there’s nothing “neo” about it; as in classic noir, the characters are slowly but surely ensnared by their own baser impulses.