Fans of Audrey Niffenegger’s best-selling romantic fantasy have been waiting six years for this screen adaptation to get made, which proves that time is pretty stubborn after all. Eric Bana plays a man whose genetic disorder causes him to zip back and forth between past, present, and future; Rachel McAdams is the woman who falls in love with him as a little girl and eventually finds her life governed by events that haven’t yet occurred. Most time-travel stories turn on the device of characters mucking up the past and creating alternate realities; in this one the time traveler can’t change anything, which shifts the thematic focus to patience, adjustment, and the rigidity of fate. Screenwriter Bruce Joel Rubin won an Oscar for Ghost (1990), a pleasant, moderately thoughtful weepie that this movie closely resembles. Robert Schwentke directed. PG-13, 108 min.